Thursday, May 11, 2023

How fast can I launch multiple OCI compute instances using CLI?

This topic popped up couple of times so I decided to write on it. The first time it was about an ISV who developed a testing tool and they needed to run hundreds of instances for 10-20 minutes for simulating a heavy web traffic then of course terminate instances. And all has to happen as fast as possible to reduce cost and deliver results quickly. Second time was about cleaning up a mess, not so nice at all.

1So here I start with launch instances script. The script is looping from 1 to 10 and measuring execution time and returning OCID of the compute instance. As you can see it is around 2 seconds per instance, pretty good.

2The instances are running and I can see them on the console and also I can find them with cli

3Now the second part, cleaning up. First I am finding all the running instances with display name like test, then terminating them one by one. Terminate command is taking 1 seconds per instance on average

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